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Digital Banking Service In Your Phone

Send and receive money with ease to and from anyone with a telephone number. Shop and pay bills offline and online from your GOHI Cash account.  

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    Why Gohi Cash

    Online payments

    Shop online on popular e-commerce sites and use your GOHI Cash app to make instant payments.

    Merchant account

    Register and accept low fees instant payments from GOHI Cash members, print invoices and request for payment using a simple QR code.

    Send money

    Send money to anybody free* of charge, using their GOHI Cash tag or QR code for instant credit into their account. Get a notification once their account is credited.

    Buy in shops

    Use your GOHI Cash app to pay for shopping, entertainment and meals at 1000+ locations.

    Pay bills

    Track and pay your water, electricity and any other utilities through your GOHI Cash app.

    Receive or request money

    Receive instant money from anyone in the world to your GOHI Cash account by using your GOHI Cash tag or your personalised QR code.

    GOHI Cash is the digital mobile banking solution for Africa

    We are determined to reduce poverty through financial inclusion by providing banking solutions to Africa unbanked population. Gohi Cash provides banking services, money transfer, payment and bills paying solutions to people and organisations. Merchant account facilities are available for businesses to accept payments from the public. 

    We are aiming for a cashless society and to empower the citizens by providing high quality banking and financial services.

    Learn More About Gohi Cash

    Borderless Payment

    GOHI Cash is borderless, you can receive and send money to and from any member of GOHI Cash no matter where they are in the world.

    Secure Transactions

    All transactions are protected by banking grade security, and eliminates banking fraud on our platform. No more sending money to the wrong account.

    Instant Payments

    Get instant payments to your account with SMS and in-app notifications straight to your phone. No need to wait for hours or days anymore. There is no delay at GOHI Cash.

    GOHI Cash Bank

    Deposit money in your GOHI Cash account. Pay your bills, buy airtimes and send or receive money from anybody. View your transactions history at a glance.

    Fraud Detection

    GOHI Cash’s artificial intelligence bot analyses all activities on our platform and network to seek, block and destroy all threats in real time to give you peace of mind.

    Scam Monitoring

    GOHI Cash protects its members from banking fraud and scams through rigorous KYC processes. We know the origins and destinations of all transactions and to whom they are addressed to.

    GOHI Cash Rewards

    GOHI Cash works with merchants and organisations to provide them a rewarding system for their customers through GOHI Cash Reward initiatives.

    24/7 Worldwide Support

    GOHI Cash provides 24/7 support through emails and in-app services. Reach out to GOHI Cash support team at any time and get timely help.

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